Noun: A rough path or road, typically one beaten by use rather than constructed.


Hello and welcome to Crooked Tracks Wiltshire, We are an Ultra marathon organisation based in Aberdeenshire.No we're not. Actually as our name implies we organise Ultra Marathons in, you guessed it............Wiltshire.

When you enter one of our events you don't pay an entry fee....................Ah ah! Bet that got your attention eh. Well to be honest that last statement is a tad misleading. Because you will part with money. But at CTW ( oh yeah we abbreviated our name. Impressed or what!!) we want you to think of it more as buying memories than paying an entry fee

At CTW we are passionate about  off road running. Now we know that you have read and heard that from pretty much every other race organisation on the planet. And it is true for both them as us alike.  We  believe that the real prize in running is found in the run itself. It's in the sight of the sunrise as you crest a hill. It's in the moment that you find yourself saying "I'm done in"..... but keep going anyway. It's found in the sight of a buzzard swooping down in front of you as you cross an open field. It's there as you deftly leap over tree roots. Its captured when you hear your feet crunching through the hard frost on a Winter's morn. Its present when you trip on a rock and lurch forward with all the grace of a drunken zombie. Lung busting leg aching climbs hold it. The downhill banzai with the abandonment of a young child have it. Gasping for air or charging forward with the speed of a young gazelle, having a coffee or having a beer afterwards, early morning or late evening runs, the heat of Summer or the sharp cold of Winter, first time out in new shoes or 'swan song' run for a pair of old favourites. They all hold the prize in them.
The sights, the sounds, the high's, the low's, the people you meet, the conversations you have.... all make every run an individual memory with their own unique prize. The unequal high that we all find smack bang in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the "outside".

We want to be part of your journey and help you make more memories and collect more real prizes.

                                                   Contact us at: info@crookedtrackswiltshire.co.uk

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