We aim to provide quality running events that leave lasting memories  whilst helping charitable organisations .

So.....Crooked Tracks Wiltshire....what are we? What do we 'stand' for? How do we do things? Good questions well put.
Firstly we are a not-for-profit ultra running event organisation. WE at CTW do not keep any of the money paid by entrants to our events. No shareholders, no wages to the Company Director, Chairman, Executives, no staff wages, etc. We are fully supported by and ran by volunteers. Any profit we make is passed to our charity partner - Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health NHS Partnership Trust.....AKA Headlight. And that is exceptionally important to us.
At CTW we believe, that first and foremost, running should be about enjoyment. Regardless of whether you come in first place and set a new land speed record, or whether you are a proud to be 'back of the packer''..... we want you to find the prize that is inside every run. And for us that 'prize' is found in the actual journey itself. So we want to help others to find everlasting running memories that can be looked back upon with a wry smile and an internal nod of fondness.
We believe in small low-key well run events. We believe in creating a friendly community of like minded trail running friends. You won't find yourself surrounded by several thousand other runners. What you will find though is yourself surrounded by the 'outside' amongst new friends.
So the shorter version of all that is we believe that 'giving' is important and running is important.
Fancy joining us?

Our chosen charity to support - Headlight. They are Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust's registered charity.

Anyone can experience a mental health problem, and Headlight support over 35,000 people to make life better by providing extras that wouldn't otherwise be possible from NHS funding.......

So when you enter one of our events not only are you buying memories for yourself..................you are doing so much more than that as well.

You can find  out more about the charity here: