It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the first annual running of Beyond The Far Side.........we hope to have many more!! We greatly value your participation and thank you for registering. In this race briefing we provide you with key information about the event. It is important to take a few minutes to read this document in order for you to have a safe and positive experience with us.

GETTING TO THE EVENT: The event HQ is at Leighton Sports Centre, Wellhead Lane, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3PT. (please note that there is no parking here, see below)

Race start, finish, registration, runners rest area, and refreshments are all located at this point.


CAR PARK: Parking will be at Warminster Road Car Park, Westbury, BA13 3PE. This is a short 5/10 minute walk to the start point at Leighton Sport Centre. The following is a link showing the route from the car park to the start point


EVENT FORMAT: 10K - a solitary lap of the route extended to include a lap of the sports field.
 6/12 hrs - as many circuits of the route (minus any laps of the sports field) that you wish to complete within your chosen time frame.
 Only laps that are completed within the time frame will count toward individual runners overall tally.
Prizes -New running shoes will be provided by our Sponsor Partner - DEKA - to the following: 
 10k - First Male and first Female -  a new pair of La Sportiva's each
 6 hrs - Male and Female with most completed laps -a new pair of Inov8's each
 12 hrs - Male and Female with most completed laps - a new pair Hoka's each

In the 6 & 12 hrs events should two runners of the same gender both complete the same amount of laps which qualifies them as prize winners- then the runner with the fastest completed final lap shall be declared the prize winner.

REGISTRATION: Registration will be open from 0900hrs and will stay open until 1030 hrs.

SAFETY BRIEF: The safety brief will be at 1035 hrs. All runners are to attend this.

TOILETS/SHOWERS: Toilet and shower facilities are available in Leighton Sports Centre until 1800 hrs. After this time a Portaloo will be available

TIMING SYSTEM: The timing for all events will be gun time only

RACE NUMBERS: Race numbers are to be worn and on display by all runners when on the course and when commencing/finishing each lap.

CLOTHING: Suck eggs time........this is a winter run. The weather may be very wet and/or freezing cold for the duration. Please bring suitable clothing for the conditions and as much changes of clothing and shoes that you may require. Trail shoes will be required. Head torches for the latter stages will be compulsory for all 6 & 12 hrs runners. Any runner attempting a circuit in the dark with out a torch will be stopped and removed from the course. 

POLES: Poles can be used by runners if they choose to do so

START TIMES: Start times are as follows:

10k -1100 hrs

 6/12 hrs - 1100 hrs

MEDICAL: An ambulance with 2 crew will be situated at the Event HQ for the duration of the event in case of any medical emergency

NOISE DURING THE NIGHT: Whilst this an off road event encompassing tracks and bridleways, some sections have residential properties nearby. All runners and support crew are therefore to mindful of their noise levels at all times.

MISCELLANEOUS:  (1)There will be free hot drinks available for runners and any support crew for the duration of the event. 

However this will be a cup less
 event. To that end please ensure that you bring a cup for soft drinks and a mug for hot tea/coffee.


(2) There will be a fully stocked aid station within the main marquee/runners rest area.   
 (3) There will be a baggage drop area within the marquee for runners to leave a small bag safely
 (4) A sports massage therapist will be available for the duration of the event offering discounted recovery massages at the cost of £5 for a  10 minute session                
(5) Free samples of vegan sports nutrition and drinks will be available for all participants.
 (6) A hot meal of bean hotpot  (v) (df) (gf) (vegan) with bread, butter, and grated cheese will be available for runners from 1700 hrs  (5pm).
 (7) You may wish to bring your own camping stool to sit on.  You can......but "Beware the chair"!

TRAIL ETIQUETTE: (suck egg time again)

  •  The trails are narrow so please use caution - Stay to the right on the trails wherever possible

  •  Runners moving uphill are to give way to faster moving downhill runners.

  •  Be mindful of on coming runners and runners behind you...

  •  Additionally, let people know that you want to pass them. If you are using headphones, keep the volume down low

  •  enough so that you can hear the runner wanting to pass.

  • The top section is a little used byway and you may encounter vehicles - shout warnings to other runners if a vehicle approaches

  •  Do not litter the route

  •  Keep to the trail route and public paths so there is no impact to the environment

  •  Give way to members of the public (runners do not have right of way on the course) 

  •  Event staff and Marshals are there to help, please communicate problems or issues you may encounter to them

  •  Give a big "THANK YOU" to the event volunteers, they like supporting you!! Without them there would be no event..

We want you have fun, enjoy yourself, and make lasting memories........... We want to be part of that journey with you.

See you on Jan 20th


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