Unlike our other events......we are not gonna tell you when to run......we are not gonna tell you what the route is.......we are not gonna tell you when to start......... and we are not gonna tell you when to stop.  That is because we are lazy and have decided that you can do all that for yourselves. 

What we are gonna tell you is that if you do enter this then you have 31 days from the date that you sign up to complete this.

What then is this?  Some would call it a "Virtual Event"...........but you can call it whatever you wanna call it. 

You can choose to complete either 50 miles, 100 miles, or 150 miles within your 31 days.

You choose when and you choose where you run. A training run, a run with friends, another event............they all count to your 31 days total. 

Once you've completed your run just submit the evidence to our email address. You can use the following as proof for your miles:  Mobile phone running app, garmin, fitbit or any electronic recording device. Take a screenshot/photo of the device data. and then send us the finished total (no need to send in each individual run and time.......dependant upon how your device records the data that is...........but if you have to then that's fine) If you are using miles from another event that you have done then their Official results are also good. Simply send us a link to those results. As long as we can see confirmation of your chosen miles being completed within the 31 days ......then we will be happy. Mix and match whatever data/results you have and send to us at: 


                                               Entry Costs

                                             50 Miles - £15

                                            100 Miles - £20

                                            150 miles - £25

Once you have completed your chosen distance and we have confirmed your submitted data, then you will have earned yourself a bespoke eco friendly chunk of bling which we will post to you.  We only do a post run on the 1st of each month.........but your medal will be dispatched  on the next post date after we have confirmed your miles............


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