18th to 25th July  2020

                                             ENTRIES NOW CLOSED


Sagarmathsa.........Goddess of the Sky..........as Mt Everest is known in Tibet


Unfortunately Sagarmatha is not going ahead as we originally planned. But (everyone loves a "but" eh) we have decided to make this a VIRTUAL EVENT instead and open up entries to more than just the original 20 Brave or Foolish souls. Here is the updated event information for you to scan ya eyes over and decide if YOU wanna join in the fun.....and the pain.....but mostly fun......yeah......mostly fun.......perhaps just a teeny weeny bit of pain:


So what ARE we now asking you to do then?........... Starting anytime from Sat 18 July at 0900 hrs you have 7 days to complete as many runs as you need in order to achieve a total overall elevation gain that is equivalent to the height of Mt Everest - if you are wondering what exactly that could possibly be.......it's 29,029 ft!! All runs must be completed by Sat 25 July at 0900 hrs at the latest. Simple's or what......

There is NO ENTRY FEE. But .......If you wanna do this then we ask for you to make a donation of £20 (or more......we are not gonna stop you donating more if ya wanna) to our Charity Partners - Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnershup Trust.

There is no bling......or any prizes...... or anything that even remotely resembles a medal for this. The real prize is found out on the trail somewhere and in the knowledge that you were Brave, or Foolish, enough to give it a go. All results will be also be published on our website too.......so you will get ya name up in lights too. What more could you want eh😉


You can enter as a Solo Runner or as a Relay Team ( Teams of 2 or 4 only). So if you don't fancy giving it a bash by yaself then team up with a running buddy ( or 3) to give it a go. If you are entering as a Relay Team please contact us as per the details below and also provide us with your Team name as well.  
For details of how to enter and donate to the charity please contact us in the first instance va email at:



So, you may all be wondering exactly how we will be recording the results.....then again you may not be.....but we are gonna tell you anyway.....cos that is just the kind of thing we do. We're nice like that.

Considering that the aim of this event is to run the equivalent height of Mt Everest.....then ELEVATION is King.....or Queen..... whichever you prefer. Results will be prioritised on who has gained the most elevation over the 7 days. Whoever has the most elevation will be First Place and everyone else ranked in descending order on the elevation that they achieved.
Now if everyone achieves different overall elevations then our job will be easy. However, things often don't always pan out like that. Do they. Sooooo......... After that we will look at Time. If more than one person has the same elevation then we will look at who achieved it in the overall LEAST running time and rank their results on that.
Finally we will look at DISTANCE. Once again...... If more than one person has the same elevation and time then we will look at who achieved it in the overall LEAST distance and rank their results on that.
Team entries will work exactly the same, however it will be the Teams combined totals that are considered and not the individual results of team members.
There will be separate results for Solo Runners, 2 Person Relay Teams, and 4 Person Relay Teams.

Simple eh ðŸ¤”


In order to ensure that your entry is confirmed then the closing date that you need to have contacted us by AND made your donation is at Midnight on Sat 4th July........we will be unable to accept any more entrants after that date.  



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