18th July  2020

Sagarmatha......Goddess Of The Sky.....as Mt Everest is known in Tibet.
All that is required  to is run down....then back up our short track, then repeat, and repeat, and repeat (you get the picture now eh) until the elevation gain of Mt Everest is completed. Now for those that are unsure of exactly what that elevation might be......its 29,028 ft.

Our track is a smidging over half a mile down.....and the same smidging half a mile back ups again (1.025 miles combined descent and ascent to be more accurate) with an elevation of 402 ft per half a mile climb.


Soooooo to reach the height of Mt Everest our entrants (some would says "fools".......others possibly may call them "brave souls") will need to complete 73 downs and up. This will give them a total elevation of 29,346 ft and an overall mileage of 74.8 miles. And, cos we are generous folk..........they have 24 hrs to achieve this. Simple's or what......

Here is a link to the route:


We have charged  NO ENTRY FEE for this event. But our entrants have made a donation of £20 min each to our Charity Partners - Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Trust. We have also applied a strict maximum of only 20 entrants.


                                          THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL

                            List of  Fools (or Brave Souls)


                               Confirmed Entry List

                                       1. Emily JACABS

                                       2. Agata GOWARD

                                       3. Imogen TESTA

                                       4. Mike DROVER

                                       5. Alex WATSON - BANCE

                                       6. Azurah OLIVER

                                       7. Paul STOWELL

                                       8. Rob LUSH

                                       9 . Kat QUINTON

                                      10. Karen UNDERWOOD

                                      11. Suzie THOMPSON

                                      12. Naomi BENNETT

                                      13. Richard NASH

                                      14. Lynne FLYNN

                                      15. Al McKINNON

                                      16. Nick WALL

                                      17. Judith CHUBB

                                      18. David WARREN

                                      19. Steve JACKSON

                                      20. Roz BROOKER




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